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How can private podcasts or videos benefit your organizational communication?

It is difficult to communicate with your employees when they’re busy doing their jobs. Emails can quickly become buried in inboxes. Finding time to get everyone together for a meeting can be difficult, especially with a remote workforce. Written memos can lack the creativity needed to keep your audience’s attention.

Private, employee-only podcasts and videos are:
Convenient – your employees can tune in when it is the right time for them. Whether it’s while eating lunch, walking the dog, or driving home, well-crafted, engaging rich media reach your audience at the most opportune moments for them, without worrying about time zones.
Engaging – you can add humor and emotion to a podcast and video, which doesn’t come across in an email. Visual and auditory content also feels more intimate to the listener, like a one-on-one conversation the employee gets to be a fly on the wall to listen too.
Inclusive of different learning styles – not everyone learns best via text-based mediums.

What are some specific use cases for private podcasts or videos?

Introducing new hires and onboarding
For new hires, a podcast or video is an easy way for them to catch up on your company’s goals and understand its culture in an engaging format. Plus, you can  highlight the newest members of your team beyond a boring email Q&A.

FAQs about new internal processes

Have you recently updated company policies and procedures? A podcast or video can be a great tool to explain the changes and communicate any action that your employees need to take. Town Halls or All Hands in multiple formats When it comes to company news and updates, utilizing multiple communication channels is the most effective strategy to get the message to your employees.

Ask Me Anything with senior leaders
One way to boost engagement among your workforce is to host conversations with senior leaders through a podcast or video. Allow your employees to submit questions ahead of time and then address them on the show.

Day In the Life for cross-team knowledge
Improve efficiency by highlighting the different departments and roles across your organization. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, a “Day in the Life” series can lead to improved communication, enhanced problem-solving, and enhanced teamwork.

Inexpensive employee recognition
Private podcasts and videos are a simple way to recognize employees who are accomplishing great things at your organization! Giving little shout-outs is an excellent way to boost morale and improve retention.

How can WorkPerfectly help you create internal podcasts and videos for your company?

Our award-winning audio and video creator suite is easy to learn, simple to use, and entirely web-based.It’s designed for internal communications teams that don’t have a podcast or video producer on staff. Use our recording studio, art creator, editor, scheduler, and automatic transcriber to create polished, engaging podcasts and video content. Then, distribute them securely to your workforce via private listening Single Sign-On solutions across web, Apple App Store, and Android Play Store apps.

How can I record with good sound?

Wearing headphones when recording in our Recording Studio will help your sound quality. You’ll also want to turn your cell phone off, try not to click your pen or have your jewelry hit the table, and record in a quiet space.

What microphone do I use?

Our Recording Studio is designed to use your computer’s built-in microphone (the same one you use for video conferencing). But, if you would like to use an external microphone, you can select it from the drop-down menu by clicking on Mic Check in the Recording Studio.

How does WorkPerfectly get access to my microphone?

When you enter the Recording Studio, a pop-up will appear asking you if it’s okay to allow WorkPerfectly to access your computer’s microphone. You should click “Allow”. If you accidentally clicked “Don’t Allow” or “Block”, go into your browser’s setting and update to allow microphone access.

How can I edit my recordings?

In our Editor & Publisher, you can layer up to 30 clips across 8 layers, drag and drop audio that you recorded in our Recording Studio, choose music from our Free Music Library, fade in or out of music or conversations, and edit and cut audio. You can also upload clips that you recorded elsewhere (.mp3, .wav, or .m4a files are all accepted).

It's simple and easy.

Can I upload conversations or audio from video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams?

Yes, you can also upload clips that you recorded elsewhere directly into our Editor & Publisher. All standard audio and video files are accepted with no need to convert them before uploading.

Can I put music in my podcasts and videos?

You can upload any music that you have the rights to use to our Editor & Publisher tool, or you can select attribution-free music clips from the WorkPerfectly Music Library, created exclusively for WorkPerfectly by DJ Platano Shwagg.

Do you have a referral program? Can my company send clients to WorkPerfectly?

We partner with video and podcast production houses, executive coaches, and industry trade organizations. Email to start the conversation.

Are you hiring?

We are an all-remote company with team members in the US, Canada, and India. If you have developer experience building audio products or selling communication solutions to innovative customers, we’d love to talk. Email and tell us about yourself.